Clublance.com is a free community for Singapore interns, freelancers, entrepreneurs, trainees, part-timers, undergrads, fresh grads and employers. We welcome everyone who are interested to discuss early career jobs opportunities, or chit chat on other topics. We also curate numerous resources on internships, news headlines and even deals / promotions for our community.

Clublance.com is based on the Discord application, which is a popular all-in-one communicate tool for chatting over text, voice and video.

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Clublance's goal is to create a conducive and friendly environment with good deal of interesting resources for everyone to learn and share with each other. Curated information selected specially for our community includes:

  1. Singapore freelance, internships and traineeships opportunities.
  2. Singapore local news.
  3. Career related news.
  4. Entreprenuership and Startup resources.
  5. Global internships resources.
  6. Singapore local deals and promotions.
  7. And many more!


Catered specially for early career jobseekers, Clublance has various channels designed to provide job opportunities to undergrads and fresh grads.

Users Support for Partner Jobsites

Users Support

As part of serving our community of early career jobseekers, we offer support channels for partner job sites to address questions or issues quickly.

We also curate public job listings to share in our related channels. This allow the community to get access to the new jobs information quickly.

For employers who wish to find interns or early career jobseekers, please utilize our partner job sites for posting your positions.

Employers Support for Talent Search

Employers Support

Employers who are looking for interns and early career jobseekers are able to post in our #employer-ads channel directly to seek interested candidates. Alternatively, posting through our partner jobsites will also will also have their listing automatically posted in our discord servers if selected. This also gives an avenue for candidates to seek support for related listings on the support channels.


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